Playing in the Dirt

Gardening is not something I enjoy. To be honest, I dread it every. single. spring. I hate the thought of getting all of the weeds out of the beds (and for some reason our dirt is FULL of dandelions and thistle despite our great efforts to get rid of it all!) and then figuring out what to plant, etc. I’ve always been this way, it’s not just being here with this dirt full of weeds. I’m sure it started out when I was a child and not wanting to get my hands dirty. I still don’t like getting my hands dirty (and neither does my daughter!!), but I have learned that sometimes you just have to and dirt always washes off!

This spring I’m pregnant, but I was also determined to get our flower beds looking better and not like a desert wasteland! I determined to plant as many perennials as possible, so I don’t have to keep planting every year, and we set a budget and well, it’s finally all done, under budget even! My friend, N, gave me a ton of hostas to plant alongside a stretch of barrenness we have along our driveway. Those suckers were tough to separate! I was in great need of a machete, but since we don’t have one, I made do with my spade and Cora’s “help.” (She kept saying how hard a job it was, it’s such hard work, etc. After about 20 times I asked her to please stop saying this! It wasn’t very encouraging and not helping make the job easier anyway!) We got them separated and planted and now I just pray they all take to the dirt and grow and flourish and make that strip look pretty! That’s not too much to ask, is it?

In our front we wanted to plant some larger perennials that will bush out and take up room. We chose a purple rhododendron. We planted 2 of those and over the next few years they’ll fill out that area nicely. We also got some good ground cover/border stuff that will spread as the years go and keep us with little white and purple flowers! (No, I can’t remember the names of everything…I tend to just get what I think is pretty and will live in full sun!) We planted some other things, some perennial and some annuals. I didn’t want to do any annuals, but we discovered we needed something to fill in all the gaps while we wait for the perennials to really take off. I’m hoping each summer we’ll need to buy less and less annuals and just worry about weeding.

In any case, I’m TIRED!!!!!!!! It took 3 days and 2 trips to the garden center to get all we needed. I can’t believe I did all of this (with some help from David and the kids) while the baby wasn’t happy being all scrunched up inside! My hips and ligaments are revolting, but I can rest now. If I had waited any longer it wouldn’t have gotten done…of course, if I had waited until June I just might have gone into labor! Hmmm…

More on our gardening adventures tomorrow…

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