Big Boy Bed!

With a new baby sister coming, and us not wanting to purchase another crib, it was time for Ben to get a big boy bed. We did this for Cora when Ben was on the way, and it went well, so we figured we’d do the same for Ben. We spent a little money to get both kids a good mattress for them to have and last while they live under our roof! We are of the mind to spend a little more upfront so we don’t have to keep spending money (essentially more money) on cheaper things. Anyway, we purchased the bed (which was actually a baby gift for the new baby, in a very round-about way!) and got it all set up over the weekend! Ben seemed so excited to have his own bed, just like Cora’s–we’ve noticed during our story and Bible reading time he loves to hunker down in her bed. He loved helping Daddy put it all together and helping me put the sheets and such on. I can’t believe he’s old enough to be in a “real” bed, but he is! Here’s our BIG boy in his BIG boy bed!

Isn't his little tongue cute?

Isn’t his little tongue cute?




Cora was so excited for Ben!

Cora was so excited for Ben!

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