The Day I Tortured My Kids

So, how many of you HATE paying what it costs to get your kids’ hair cut? I mean, seriously, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to charge a parent anywhere from $15-20+ to get a child’s hair cut. I know there are children out there who are HORRENDOUS when in the hair-cutting chair–I’ve seen them! But, I can’t imagine this is every. single. child. My kids certainly aren’t that way. I have been searching high and low to find a cheaper way to get Cora and Ben’s hair cut, short of doing it myself. A friend suggested taking them to a cosmetology school that is about 10 min away from us. It was to only cost $5 per kid and she said the professors stood there with the student the whole time. I thought, “why not?”

My mom went with me and drove over, signed in, and waited for our turn. We were finally called back and one of the professors insisted on having the girls wash the kids’ hair. I wasn’t too thrilled, but whatever. It took about 10 minutes for them just to figure out how to fit children in the seats and get their heads just so in the sink. And, another 5-10 minutes to wash their hair. No, I am not exaggerating–I can’t make this stuff up! Ben was done first so my mom stayed with Cora, and I went with Ben. Another long period of time to figure out how many boosters to put under Ben. I explained how I wanted his hair cut, and she said that she knew how to do that! (By the way, no professors in sight, anywhere!) I asked if she had cut a kid’s hair before and she looks at me and blinks, “Oh, no, I’ve never cut a child’s hair before.” Oh. boy. Cora and my mom come walking over, and I can tell immediately something is wrong just by looking at Cora’s face. My mom said they got her a little wet. I look at her shirt and it’s SOAKED from the neck line to the bottom of her shirt, and we later discovered she was actually soaked all the way down to the hem of her shorts! All is going OK until it’s taking over an hour just to cut their hair. Ben gets fidgety (of course, he’s only 22 months old), and finally, after an hour starts to cry. The whole time Cora is trying not to cry, but starts to a little bit because she’s wet and COLD! The whole time I’m wondering, what on earth have I done to my poor children?

Needless to say, we won’t be going back. Some have suggested I should’ve asked for an upperclassman, but I was not given that option nor did it seem like something I was allowed to do. Nonetheless, I have learned through this, it’s not worth saving a buck, or 10. We’ll just spend the money and get our kids hair cuts that won’t take all morning long. Have you ever had an experience like this? Trying to save money and realized it just wasn’t worth it?

Before her soaking...

Before her soaking…

Before his hair was demolished!

Before his hair was demolished!


2 thoughts on “The Day I Tortured My Kids

  1. After photos!!! 🙂 I’m sure they’ll forget about it in a few days… Maybe weeks. You cruel mamma 😉 There’s this lovely children’s hair place in London (Uk) that I’ve been waiting to take P1 but we need her fringe to grow a little longer first. It’ll be her first ever hair cut.

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