One Expensive Curtain Rod

Since this pregnancy is progressing rather quickly I had a moment of panic over the weekend and felt like things just weren’t getting done. There may have been was crying involved, and I wasn’t as kind in getting my thoughts across as I should have been, but in any case my husband heard my cries (literally and figuratively) and finished up some projects–2nd coat of paint in nursery and getting curtain rods for the nursery and our room.

We just needed a long, cheap, metal curtain rod to hand curtains under the valances in the nursery. I was in the room with David as he was adjusting the length, and I had curtains ready to hang. Well, the rod was being stubborn and wouldn’t move easily so David gave it a good ol’ shove and then it moved, and sliced his finger really, really, really bad! I see blood spurting and dripping everywhere! I ran to the kitchen, got a towel, ran back and wrapped up his finger. At this point we had no idea how bad it was, I just said, “We’re going to the ER! Do NOT argue with me!” I called my good friend (who only lives about 2 blks away) to come be with our kids. She came, we left and went to the ER, which, praise the Lord, is literally down the road less than a mile! We got all registered, and David’s vitals were checked, he was asked if he feels safe at home…what? Seems a random question. He says, “Usually, though the 2 year old has been giving us fits recently.” ANYWAY! It was determined he’d need stitches.

We were taken to a room and a physician’s assistant comes in to assess the situation. He tells us how he’ll numb the finger and that fingers are hard to numb because of all the nerve endings. He numbs up the finger and then we have to wait a bit for it to set in. David says he can’t feel anything so the PA decides to start stitching. Wouldn’t you know it? David WASN’T as numb as he thought and unfortunately felt the first stitch completely. The PA then decides to put numbing stuff directly into the gaping wound, which also was NOT FUN!!!! Thankfully, it helped and 6 stitches later we were done. They bandaged up the finger really well, and we have instructions to get the stitches removed later this week.

Though David has health insurance the deductible is quite high so this procedure probably won’t even be covered. Yep, that’s one expensive curtain rod we have hanging up! Hope the baby enjoys her curtains! Here’s a photo of his finger. I warn you, it’s GROSS!!!!



3 thoughts on “One Expensive Curtain Rod

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  3. i’m so sorry this happened to you and your family… sometimes i really believe the ER can be more traumatic than the wound! Happy healing…

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