35 Weeks…

How can it be that I’m 35 weeks along in this pregnancy today??? I’m telling you, this pregnancy has gone so much faster than my other ones. Not sure why, it just has! I feel like we still have so much to get done, and yet we have gotten a lot done already! The nursery is pretty much put together. I need to bring up all the clothes from the basement, wash and put them away. I have some cleaning stuff I’d like to get done before she arrives, but in all reality, I do believe we’re pretty much ready!

I’m feeling pretty good. My hips aren’t too bad, thanks to regular chiropractic adjustments. I don’t have a great appetite right now, so I’m trying hard to eat as much as possible and make sure it’s healthy. I’ve gained a total of about 7 lbs this pregnancy. It’s weird, but there you have it! The baby is growing like she should, and my belly continues to grow, just not anything else, which, by the way, I’m totally OK with! We are excited and anxious to have this baby and start figuring out how to be a family of 5! Cora is REALLY excited and daily hugs and kisses the baby. When asked where is the baby, Ben will whack my belly very enthusiastically! I find myself being quite calm this time around. I do believe there are many reasons for it, and not just one. I’m thankful to not be all anxious and am looking forward to just simply holding this baby.

This is me at 34 weeks

This is me at 34 weeks

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