Um, hmmm, well, uh…

Yeah, I’ve been struggling this week to have blog posts. I apologize to those of you who check here daily. Thank you for checking and I hope next week I’ll feel more inspired to share stuff! We’ve  been busy–who isn’t?–and so sometimes I wonder if you really want to know about it all! We’ve been busy getting the nursery ready (just about done!), keeping the kids entertained (does that job ever end???), checking on the garden (thankfully the deer and THREE frosts we’ve had in May haven’t done as much damage as we thought!), having time spent with extended family and well, I guess the list goes on!

We have a busy summer ahead. Not just with the baby coming! Ben will be turning 2 in 20 days (eeek!!! How did that happen? And, will his sister be here before or AFTER his birthday?), Cora will be starting swim lessons for the first time (for 3 weeks), and going to vacation Bible school during that time. Not sure why everything seems to be falling in June, but there you have it! I have a feeling our July and a lot of August will be filled with the usual newborn stuff–no sleep, eating schedules, etc. we plan to head to WV to see David’s family and let them meet the new baby. Phew. I’m tired just writing all of this!

David and I have definitely hit the point of being wanting to be done with the pregnancy stage! We are more than ready to meet our new little lady and can’t wait for her arrival! No, I don’t want to hurry things along because I know it’s in her best interest to stay in as long as possible, buuuuuuut…well, we’re ready to be a family of 5!!!

What are your summer plans this year? Are you getting to go on the vacation of your dreams, or will you be staying home? Are you moving, starting a new job, or doing nothing at all?


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