As I get ready for each of my unborn babes to be born I notice I think about the millions of women who have gone before me and wonder how they prepared for their babies? I know there was sewing of clothes and probably for some making a cradle to lay the baby in, but I can be certain there were no baby showers, bouncy seats, swings, hanging of dangerous curtains, gathering of diapers, etc., etc., etc. I have to think that back in the day (anything before the 1900s) it was a whole lot simpler to prepare for the baby. I doubt there was pressure to have the newest gadget, or if your baby didn’t have “x” amount of whatever you were failing as a parent. It was so much simpler, I do believe. You were pregnant, had the baby and hoped you didn’t die in the process!

Today we’re bombarded with things we “must have” (can you say “wipe warmers?” Sorry, this is one that I find absolutely ridiculous!!!! I have never warmed up my kids’ bottles (I just use room temp water) even! I know, I must be a horrible mom.). David and I have always striven to live simply. And, the more children we have it seems the more simple we want things to be. I got rid of the baby bath when Ben was born–the kitchen sink is there for a reason, after all! I have whittled down the amount of clothes we have (Cora was grand baby number 1 on 1 side of the family and got a LOT of clothes!), and I feel like we are down to just the necessities. I understand that said necessities are different in each house, but for our house I feel we’re down to just the basics. When we had Cora I packed a bunch of stuff for her for being in the hospital. By the 3rd baby I see that we just need a blanket and outfit for coming home–and Ben didn’t even need the blanket as it was end of June when he was born! We’ll see if we need it this time…

I feel like with each child I have also been more certain of how to organize things, put stuff in more convenient spots, etc. There is certainly something to be said for experience! I was telling my sister the other day just how much you realize you don’t need certain things, but others are of great importance! Anyway, this house is all a-buzz getting ready. I do believe we are. I have all the clothes, onesies, blankets, diapers, wipes and diaper cream in their spots. The crib is made and waiting for Baby Girl to be in it, and David pulled the suitcase up the other day to pack for the hospital. Yep, we’re ready! We’re just waiting now, and I’m trying hard to be content in the waiting. God knows when she needs to be born, and I’m doing my best to rest in that.


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