Apron String

My MIL asked me how Baby Girl and I were doing and I said, “fine, still attached!” Yep, that’s how it is! We’re in the Great Waiting Game phase! Since this is time #3 going through this I am not jumping at every little twinge or contraction. However, there have been a few nights when we thought it was “time.” Obviously, not so…I have found myself praying a lot, preparing my heart and mind for the task ahead. Anyone who’s gone through birth knows it is indeed a task. It’s work, it’s hard and well, it’s labor (there is a reason it’s called “labor”).

We have everything ready now. I honestly can’t think of anything more we have to do (ok, we need to bring the infant car seat up from the basement). I’ve bought our snacks (which David has already gotten into his “birth cookies and birth Coke”–his words, not mine) for the hospital, have the pantry stocked with extras so my mom doesn’t have to worry about what to feed the kids, and I’m trying to keep up with things like laundry–probably for my sanity rather than out of necessity! I have written out Bible verses for the birthing process. My friend, Nan, is acting as a doula for us and so she is going to be using these verses as encouragement and strength for during the laboring process.

I’ve had my time of irrational fears attacking me and have been praying for the Lord’s peace. This will be the 1st time I do labor without an epidural–Cora’s birth it became necessary, thanks to petocin, and with Ben I freaked out and didn’t try very hard. This time, I have been praying all pregnancy that the Lord would give me strength to do it without the pain meds. You don’t have to agree with me, it’s my choice. In my research and reading, and what I have truly wanted with each delivery, I feel being as natural as possible is the way I need to do this. I’ve literally been praying I’ll forget epidurals even exist. And, we wait! Joy comes in the waiting, right? Hopefully, this week I’ll have the happy news of Baby Girl coming, but if not, well, we’ll just keep waiting!

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