Swim Lessons

Our small town has a really nice public pool which offers (2) 3-week swim lesson sessions during the summer. They don’t allow kids until they’re 4 years old so this is the first summer we’ve been able to take advantage. (Although, I did learn they have a little tots class where the parents are there with the little ones in the pool…I didn’t sign Ben up for that though because I can’t commit to that right now…) Monday was the first day of lessons. Cora is starting out in the “Pee Wee” class, and we’ve been talking about it for weeks now. We woke up to rain and chilly weather. David called the pool and since there was no lightning or thunder, yes, they would still be having the lessons. Cora was excited, and then a little nervous that she would be getting wet in the rain. I told her it didn’t matter, she would get wet in the pool anyway! Of course, it’s drizzling pretty hard when we get down to the pool (just a couple blocks from our house!), but we press on! Turns out it will only be Cora and her one friend, M, from our small group in the Pee Wee class. M wasn’t there on Monday, but Cora did great anyway! She went alone with her teacher (David and I were the obvious 1st parents who followed after and were called back by the pool staff and told parents are encouraged to let their kids go alone…we just didn’t think about it!) and seemed to have a great time.

Ben, on the other hand, did NOT have a great time! He fussed and cried the entire time because he wanted to go with Cora. He then kept pointing at the big water slide. David told him it was closed, no one was going down it, and he’d have to wait for another day. Wouldn’t you know it? Almost as soon as David got Ben to believe him they turn on the water to the slide so the older kids can go down it. Oh, you should have seen Ben’s face! He was NOT pleased!!!!! He kept pointing and fussing and accusing David of lying in the only way he knew how! It was as if he were saying, “You LIED to me!!!!!” It was pretty funny, but I did also feel bad for Ben. He is obviously our adventurous one. It didn’t help matters any when he saw his sister walking up the steps to the slide with her teacher. Thankfully, Cora came right back down, but that didn’t matter too much to Ben! There is a small splash pad area so we can let him get wet and play on nicer days while Cora is doing her lessons.

In any case, the weather has improved as the days have gone on. Cora cried when it was time to leave, but it helped to tell her we would be back the next day, and the whole week, and 2 more weeks after that!

Cold, wet and rainy!

Cold, wet and rainy!

Attempt #1 of the summer for the slide...

Attempt #1 of the summer for the slide…

"I can't believe I have to stand here and merely WATCH the action!"

“I can’t believe I have to stand here and merely WATCH the action!”

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