White Satin Shoes

Today we say good-bye. We say good-bye to my husband’s grandma, otherwise known to us “Ma-ma.” She was married at the age of 16, had 3 children, many grandchildren, great grands and great-great grands. She was a woman who worked hard to provide for her family. She was an excellent seamstress, helped her husband in his many pastoral positions, canned and froze the food they grew in their gardens. She loved her family, knew how to laugh at life and was just a good woman.

When we brought Cora to WV for the first time I loved how Ma-ma just held Cora and allowed her to lay on her lap for hours. Being a first-time mom I was afraid this would spoil or ruin Cora, and we’d have to work for weeks to get Cora used to not being held so much. Of course, that didn’t happen, and I realized  it was perfectly OK for a baby to be held endlessly by her great grandmother as long as was possible. When we took Ben to meet his great grandparents for the first time I looked forward to having Ma-ma hold and love on Ben for as long as she wanted. And she did. She showed love to her great grandchildren just as she had her grandson, my husband.

When I got pregnant a 3rd time Ma-ma was so excited to know she was to have another great grandchild. When we learned we were having a girl, and decided on the name, David called Ma-ma and told her. We knew the secret was safe with her and she loved that we were using her daughter’s middle name for our daughter’s middle name. My sister planned a small baby shower for me before Rebekah was born and Ma-ma was most concerned to find white satin shoes for Rebekah. She said the baby girl needed to have them. David’s aunt searched high and low and finally found some to purchase online. They are beautiful little shoes. I took them with us to the hospital so Rebekah could wear them home.

While we were in the hospital having Rebekah we knew Ma-ma’s health was deteriorating rapidly. We were planning to go to WV sooner than we had originally planned. We took lots of photos with the camera and on our phones and texted those photos to my MIL so she could share them with Ma-ma. Ma-ma’s last lucid thoughts were of Rebekah. The last thing she understood on this earth was that she had had another great granddaughter and this little girl would be going home wearing her white satin shoes. Ma-ma will not get to meet Rebekah here on earth, but one day, in heaven it’ll happen. We grieve that Rebekah will not know her great grandma, but we have the hope of heaven one day.



3 thoughts on “White Satin Shoes

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  2. So sorry for your loss! 2 years ago our family went through something similar: my grandpa passed away very unexpectly 2 months after our son was born and never got to meet him (we are stationed overseas). We know in our heart that one day they will meet but until then there’s one more guardian angel looking over my kiddos

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