Rebekah was my 3rd pregnancy, my 3rd labor/delivery, my 3rd child being born. And, I was sure her birth would be another disappointment. When both Cora and Ben were born I had a plan in my mind, even written down. I wanted little to no medical intervention and wanted my body to do what it had to do to get the job done. However, Cora’s birth was not at all that way! I had everything in the textbooks thrown at me. I was induced which led to all sorts of things and other interventions. Not at all what I wanted. We knew things had to be different when I was pregnant with Ben. We had moved to a different state and city with a lot more options. I found a place that had midwives and thought we would have the birth experience we wanted with Cora. Though Ben’s birth was better, there was still too much intervention. I was still pressured to have things done that I was not wanting. My desires weren’t at all listened to and well, we had another chaotic birth. After Ben was born I got online and decided to spend time researching what options we had around us. We live in a big area that is noted for its medical care, and I prayed there would be something that would be better than what we had experienced. I found a holistic birthing center that was located about 30-40 minutes away for us. I wasn’t pregnant at the time of finding this place but knew that if I did become pregnant this would be the place for us. I’m so glad we went there!

The whole process was so much better. I was NOT hooked up to an IV “just in case,” they put me on a baby and contraction monitor for about 20 minutes and took my blood pressure I think once or twice. That was it. After all that I was left to labor as I felt most comfortable. There was absolutely NO pressure to do anything other than what I wanted. I was not pressured to start pitocin, or get an epidural or anything. I was calmly told to just breathe and let my body do what it was meant to do. I was excited to have a water birth and excited that I was encouraged to have one. When things got really intense for me I was told to focus and just do what my body was telling me to do. After Rebekah came out she was not quickly whisked away to be weighed, measured, poked and prodded. We were allowed to be together for as long as we wanted. Well, that’s not entirely true because the cord was coming away from the placenta. However, once I delivered the placenta I was given Rebekah (who had not had any tests run on her or anything, David got to hold her until I was able). We were able to snuggle, nurse, just be together. We were that way for over an hour. No rushing about, no pressuring to take her to do their tests on her, nothing. We were just allowed to be mommy and baby as long as we wanted. They kept a BP cuff on me for about an hour, checked my temp once and that was it. I was not hooked up to stuff, I could feel my legs and lower body right away, I had no swelling or water retention. I had none of the pain that I’ve had with my previous 2 births. I had torn a very small amount, but the midwife said it really wasn’t worth a stitch unless I really wanted it. Nope, and I haven’t felt any pain from that.

We were able to have a non-chaotic birth, finally. I went in with no expectations and came out having all hopes met more than I thought they would be. We were discharged 25 hrs after Rebekah was born and were never once made to feel like we were being held captive. It was so nice. We were able to sleep all night, I was not monitored but 2 or 3 times and was never woken up to have it done. If the nurses saw I was sleeping they left and came back when I was awake. I felt I was able to actually sleep, rest and recuperate. It was so amazing. We left feeling relaxed, rested (as much as is possible), and I had more energy when I left then I’ve ever had after giving birth. I’m so thankful to the Lord for leading us to this place and for hearing the secret prayers of my heart. I’m so thankful that finally we were able to have a non-chaotic birth!

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