New Friendships

Isn’t it fun when you reconnect with someone you used to know in a different lifetime? Because of Facebook I’ve been able to reconnect with someone I went to high school. We were in marching band together, she was a year older than me, and oddly enough we weren’t friends. It wasn’t anything hostile, we just weren’t friends. We knew who each other was, we probably greeted one another in the hallways, we had mutual friends, but we ourselves didn’t ever hang out together. I saw she was mutual friends with some of my friends on Facebook and thought, “why not?” I’m so glad I friended her! We have become good friends in the past couple years, especially the last year, and I have often found myself asking the question, “how is it we weren’t best friends in high school?” In our conversations we have found we were raised quite similarly–in Christian homes, our parents were conservative, etc. And, as we’ve gotten to know each other as adults, we find we are still very similar. I’m so thankful for this new friendship with someone I’ve actually known a long time. It’s interesting to me how God allows you to be friends with people at different times in your life. We obviously didn’t need each other’s friendship in high school, but I’m so thankful we do now! Is there anyone you’ve reconnected with recently and wonder how you haven’t been friends before now?


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