Potatoes Again?

Since I can’t eat grain that eliminates a lot of usual side dishes specifically pasta and rice stuff. So, we tend to eat a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes. I gotta tell ya, I get tired of mashed potatoes! The other night I was wondering how to cook the potatoes differently and knowing we also needed to eat the peppers we had picked from our garden. Then, it hit me, what if I just put it all together? And so I did! I chopped up onion, mushrooms, red skin potatoes and the three kinds of peppers we had (green, purple and banana). I sauteed it all in butter, and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder (wanted to use fresh garlic but was all out!). It was SO GOOD!!!! There was enough there for 3-4 people and David and I ate the whole thing! Hey, it was mostly veggies so who cares, right? Anyway, I encourage you to try it! We thought with some ground sausage or bacon it’d be a great breakfast meal. And, I do believe the possibilities are endless as you could put whatever kind of veggie you wanted! So, experiment and enjoy!



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