CORA is doing so well with being the big sister. She is so helpful with Rebekah and is doing a good job with continuing to play and have fun with Ben. I have so enjoyed watching her with her siblings. She’s kind, gentle and loving towards them. It’s obvious she loves them, and she doesn’t hesitate to give out hugs and kisses to them. She also won’t let Ben go down for his nap, or bedtime, without his hug and kiss. She’s very eager to help me out with anything I need and finds great pleasure in picking out Rebekah’s outfit on a daily basis. I’m also finding that she needs to have her own “big girl” time. She went and spent the morning at her friends’ house last week, and it seemed to do her soul good. She was able to just be Cora and not have to also be the big sister. I’m also trying very hard to make sure to spend time with just her during the day. This usually happens during rest time when Ben and Rebekah are sleeping. I’m trying to spend that time playing a game with her, coloring, or just cuddling with her on the couch. I’m learning so much about her and am really enjoying how responsible she is becoming. She’s not perfect and we’ve had our moments of attitude adjusting and heart checks, but don’t we all? I love that we can have conversations with each other and can go beyond what her favorite toy (which is currently a Hello Kitty Lego set) and color (which is blue at the moment) are. I’m very proud of her and thankful to have her as my eldest!


BENJAMIN is doing much better than he was before. He is slowly coming around to the fact that he is no longer the baby of the family. He’s sleeping and eating more normally again. He still wants to be held a lot more than usual, but that’s OK! He’s such a sweetheart to Rebekah. When he wants to hold her he’ll sit down with his legs straight out in front of him, pat his lap and hold out his arms. It’s so precious. Often he only holds her for about 5 seconds, but other times he’ll hold her for 10 minutes! He gets most distraught if we want to take her away from him before he’s ready. He is still acting out toward Cora, but I often wonder if this is more his age and stage in life and not due to a new baby in the house. He’s still not talking all that much, but he is making more attempts at repeating words when we say them to him. He most consistently says, “booo,” which is blue and “baaaaa” which is ball. He has a name for Molly, the dog, and says “Mama.” Occasionally, he’ll say other words quite clearly, and when we look at him in disbelief he smiles and refuses to repeat. His favorite things to eat are almond butter and jelly sandwiches, strawberries, taco meat, cheese, almonds and chocolate! He wants to do everything Cora does and gets frustrated if we don’t let him. Though he may not be talking a lot (well, using words, he is very verbal!) he is quite physically coordinated. It amazes me how much he can do just being 2. I love watching him delight in hearing the train (which he says, “choo! choo!” and moves his arm up and down like he’s pulling a chain to make the sound), watching his sisters, seeing his great grandma and getting into the swimming pool. He’s a ham, our family clown and really seems to love to put smiles on the faces of those around him. He’s our hugger and has also taken to giving out kisses. I love watching his personality develop and can’t wait to see it continue to do so.


REBEKAH is growing like a weed! She is now 6+ weeks old, and it’s quite unbelievable to me! It’s amazing how fast time goes. We’ve reached that magic mark where things start to settle into place and a schedule starts to emerge. She’s eating like a champ, although we’ve had to put her on special formula like we did with Cora. She also got a version of whatever virus we’ve all had, has survived and is doing so much better! I did not like her being sick, being so little and all!!! She’s over 11 pounds and is getting so aware of her surroundings. She’s a great addition to the family, and we all enjoy watching her. It’ll be exciting to see how she develops and learn more and more about her as she grows older. God is so good to us, as a family, and David and I are so thankful for our precious kids.



One thought on “Change

  1. Oh, I miss them! Cora looks so grown up in that picture, Ben is such an adorable 2 year old- and could Rebekah be any sweeter? Can’t wait to see you all!

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