Saturday Fun

We’ve all been sick with various viruses–mainly some stomach bug, the flu and terrible colds–the last few weeks. Saturday, even though David was still feeling pretty yucky, he suggested we get out of the house and go to a local farmer’s market in our area. I called Grandma to join us, and we all drove the 15 minutes or so to the market. The kids were EXCELLENT, and that, of course, makes everything so much better!  We got all sorts of produce that we’re not growing in our garden (or the deer haven’t eaten out of our garden, like the tomato plants…) and just had a fun, relaxing time meandering around looking at everything. We decided to stop at Qdoba to get lunch. As we were leaving the restaurant we looked out in the parking lot and saw a shiny, red firetruck! We made a big deal about it to the kids, and they got all excited. I then realized that coming out of the restaurant with us were 2 firemen! They started talking to the kids about the firetruck, and then asked if they’d like to sit in it! They were SO EXCITED, as were David and I, and they didn’t hesitate to sit in the truck! Ben actually asserted himself and pushed in front of his sister, which I found very funny! He usually just lets her push him around…Anyway, they both got a turn and were very good and all smiles! I love to see my kids happy and getting to participate in something unplanned and fun! Thankfully, I had my phone with me and got a photo of each of them in the truck. They were certainly all smiles! Yeah for fun firemen!!!!

Every boy's dream, I think!

Every boy’s dream, I think!

She was pretty shy about the whole thing, but she did smile big and  actually said "thank you" without much prompting!

She was pretty shy about the whole thing, but she did smile big and actually said “thank you” without much prompting!


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