I wanted to write an update regarding Rebekah. Yesterday my post was concerning her tummy troubles and all that’s going on there. I tend to write my blogs several days in advance and in this case things have changed some. She is still having some issues, however, she is improving. I was told by a friend that it takes 2 weeks for the milk protein to get out of one’s system. It would have been nice for the GI to tell me this at our appointment last week. I would have been more understanding as to why Rebekah wasn’t seeming to improve. In any case, since learning this it’s been easier and definitely helpful. She IS improving and we’re thankful for that! I don’t think she’s totally better yet, but she is certainly better. We continue to give her Prevacid and Gripe water. She is definitely eating better/more regularly now and sleeping better too. She’s also way more content, and the kids are enjoying playing with her on the floor while she smiles and coos at them! I’ll be interested to see how she progresses this week. It’ll be 2 weeks next Monday evening that she’s been dairy-free. We’re praying this is the answer.

We’re also continuing the chiropractor appointments. They are really helping too! The chiropractor is fully aware of her tummy issues and so spends extra time on the vertebrae that are connected to her tummy. The more times we go (yesterday being the 3rd) the more he’s able to do. He’s also working on her neck muscles. She favors the right side, and so he’s trying to retrain the muscles so she’ll move in both directions–we don’t want her to have a flat head, or crooked neck! It’s helping her and she’s starting to move her head more to the left.

Thank you for your prayers! We greatly appreciate them! God is faithful and is giving us strength. There are days when I wonder how we’re going to make it and then before I know it, all 3 kids are in bed, and I’m sitting in quiet. I’m thankful for His strength, grace and HEALING!

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