Bone-crackin’ Good Time!

For years I scoffed at it. For years I trembled at the mention of it. For years I avoided it like the plague. And then I didn’t. And now, I’m a huge fan of it. What is “it?” Chiropractic medicine! I thought for a long time it was what weirdos did, didn’t think there was any benefit to it. I don’t know when I started turning my mind towards it all. Maybe when my dad started going and was getting great help for his back pain. Maybe when my hips were always is such pain (even not in pregnancy), and I figured the only relief I was going to get was having someone “crack my bones.” We then started seeing a holistic doctor almost 2 years ago, who is also a chiropractor. I got adjusted by him a few times and felt so much better. I saw a lot of help in my hips and knew that I had been ridiculous to allow myself to suffer in unnecessary pain for so many years.

Skip ahead to my last pregnancy, with Rebekah. My holistic doctor does not take insurance of any kind, and we could not afford for me to get adjusted as much as I needed it done. But, I was in a lot of pain and knew I needed some kind of help. At about the same time my grandmother moved here, and she has regularly seen a chiropractor since the 1950s. In an attempt to find a place for her we stumbled upon the office we currently go. Our chiropractor does a great job! In the office they incorporate massage therapy (which I took full advantage of during pregnancy!) and physical therapy. The whole staff is nice and it’s just fun to be there! Plus, you know you’re going to leave feeling great!

I have learned since switching to this office that not all chiropractors are the same. Not that my holistic dr. was rough or bad, but since going somewhere different I see that in comparison he is. Or, it could just be slightly different techniques used at this current office are better for me. I’ve also learned it’s OK to say, “gently!” (can you name that movie?), and it’s OK if you feel the dr. is giving too much pressure. In either case we, as a family are going to be getting adjusted regularly. (oh, and on a side note, this office takes insurance…) We have already been taking Rebekah and seeing great improvement in  her neck. She’s more readily putting her head to the left and not just the right. I have been doing more and more research and finding more and more evidence that getting children adjusted regularly is very beneficial for their health. I have several friends who take their kids and their kids are very rarely sick. With Ben’s propensity for respiratory stuff including ear infections, as well as both he and Cora dealing with some stomach issues it just makes sense to take them. The dr. is seeing them 2x a week for right now to get the bones and muscles in the right places, and then they’ll be seen 1-2 times a month to keep things where they should be. We are so excited to see how this improves their (and our) health. Do I think this is the end all? No, but we do believe it will only help.

In speaking with our current chiropractor it’s amazing how normal childhood activities–from birth to climbing a tree–causes trauma to the spine and neck. And all of this affects ones’ health. The body is designed and has the ability to heal itself (yes, we have an amazing Creator!!!). Keeping your spine aligned aides in this process. For more information do a little research of chiropractic medicine and its benefits. You just might find yourself in an office having a bone-crackin’ good time!


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