A New Woman

If you’re a man you probably won’t want to read this post, and if you do, you won’t care a whit about what’s in it! Consider yourself warned! This post is specifically written for women!

Over the weekend my mom and I went and got fitted for bras. Yep. I have been measured before but have never been really fitted. A friend of mine had had a really great experience at Dillards (a more high end department store) where they have certified bra fitters. Let me tell you–you must go get this done!!!!!! I can NOT believe I have waited so long to have this done. My clothes look, fit and feel so much better on me! I’ve worn some kind of camisole/bra since I was 8 years old. I have always hated my bras, finding them very uncomfortable and just a pain in the patoot!

We went to the store, and we had one lady working with us separately. She was very good, kept you modest and didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I was SHOCKED that the bras I’ve been wearing were…TOO BIG around my torso! What??? This lady was excellent at explaining how a bra needs to fit, what to look for, how to know if it’s fitting properly, etc. I came away having purchased 4 bras, spending more on bras then I’ve ever spent, and not regretting a dime of it! (Now, my husband might not agree, however he DID tell me how much I could spend, and I did!) I will not try to fit myself ever again. And, I will not be buying cheapo bras ever again (if I can help it!).

Next time you need new bras (which is probably NOW, because you’re probably wearing the wrong size–8 out of 10 women are!) go to a department store, get fitted by someone who knows what they’re doing and get the right thing for you! You won’t regret it, I guarantee it!


4 thoughts on “A New Woman

  1. Being extremely large-breasted, I got myself fitted by a company called Esstential BodyWear (they have home-parties and carry the large size bras I wear) a couple of years ago. I felt the same way as you do. It was a completely different experience. It hurt to pay $40/bra; however, the rep mentioned a couple of things I thought were worth noting. 1.) You need only 3 bras a year 2.) You should alternate bras each day (dont wear the same one two days in a row – it doesnt give the fabric enough time to regain it’s elasticity) 3.) You need to get 3 new, fitted bras each year 4.) You can wear your bras 2-3 times between washings 5.) When washing, wash them in a garment bag with your delicates.

    That being said, it IS time for some new bras for me. I should porbably go to Dillards and get fitted. Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

  2. I went to Victoria’s Secret in February and got fitted. I too, was also shocked to find that she had me in a smaller size around! I couldn’t believe it! And I feel so much better as well! I also spent too much money on new bras that day. This post is my experience exactly, just change the store! After it was over I called all my female friends and urged them to go get sized!

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