Head Spinning

I have felt for a few weeks now like my head is spinning. We tend to be a family who tries not to have every single day and every hour of that day planned. We’re OK with days of nothing to do. I think we do this partly because we’re a pastor’s family. You never know when something might unexpectedly come up. However, since the start of preschool life seems to have taken a crazy spin. I feel I’m having a hard time adjusting to the fact that 3 days of the week our mornings can’t be “lazy.” I have to get Cora ready for school and in the process I just get the other 2 ready and myself. I’m not sure why, but I feel kinda lost with only having 2 kids M-W of each week. Funny how quickly you adjust to having more!

Then with our family currently seeing the chiropractor 2x a week that just adds a whole other level of insanity! And, yes, we’re going 2x a week for right now. Why? Because we need to get our bones and muscles to a point of working together in the correct way. This should take 4-6 wks and then we can back off to going about 2x a month. (and, we’re seeing great results in the kids and ourselves!!!)

My sister and her family have been “homeless” for several weeks now, living with my parents. They returned from vacation at the beginning of the month to find black mold had virtually exploded in their home. They have since discovered it’s covering the basement (floor to ceiling), the furnace, all the duct work, etc. Thankfully, it did not spread to their 3rd level where a lot of the kids’ stuff was. However, there are a lot of items they do have to replace, well, most of their stuff, especially furniture. This has created a lot of stress for their family and concern for the rest of us! Thankfully, the Lord has provided them with a new home, and they’ll begin moving this weekend.

Sunday evening my grandma was out walking in the evening, fell and broke her femur right under the ball socket of her hip and cracked her 10th rib. She had surgery on Tuesday of this week and will be looking at some rehab. I feel so bad for her that this happened! However, I AM thankful my grandma is a healthy woman, who has always taken care of herself. Because of this, we’re hoping her rehab goes well and maybe faster than it might otherwise do.

I find myself asking the question, “when will life get normal again?” and then, I’m reminded life is never normal. Or maybe the craziness and surprises are just what normal is these days. Whatever the case, I know the Lord is in control. I’ve found myself praying a lot for strength and grace and being thankful for the wonderful ways the Lord does bless us, despite the craziness!


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