She’s a-rollin’!

Rebekah is 16 weeks old today! Wow!!!! She’s been busy this last week. She started rolling!!!!! She is my earliest roller. I think the other 2 were well into their 4th or 5th month before they started rolling. It’s so much fun! I love when they become mobile!!!! And, Cora and Benjamin are getting such delight in seeing her roll! Every. single. time. she rolls I hear, “MOM!!!! COME QUICK!!!!! SHE’S ROLLING!!!!” Sigh…I’m thankful for their excitement!

Rebekah is also smiling all the time! I looooooove seeing her smile. She recognizes the 4 of us, which is so much fun! I love seeing her break out into a hugemongous smile when she sees her Daddy, big sister, big brother and me. We love our Bekah Boo, that’s for sure! She’s also doing so great with her neck movement. We have seen far better and faster results in her torticollis by going to the chiropractor then we did with Ben taking him to a physical therapist. I’m so thankful she’s able to freely move her neck and head to both sides now, and we were able to catch it early. And, her belly issues are gone. The formula is certainly working great, and we also believe the regular chiropractic appointments are helping too. Whichever it is, something’s working, and we’re just thankful! She’s sleeping through the night, for the most part. She goes to bed 5:30/6:00 pm, wants fed at 11ish, sleeps until 3 or 4, fed again, and then sleeps another 2-3 hrs. I’m really praying she can get past the 3-4:00 wake up time and just make it to at least 6, but I also know it’ll come in time. We think she’s starting to teeth and well, I HATE the whole teething process. I suppose it’s necessary though.

Rebekah is so much fun, we love her to bits, and well, dontcha think she’s so darn cute?



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