Overwhelmed. That’s it. That’s the word to describe this household, this family, this marriage, this woman. Overwhelmed. Sometimes life feels like too much. Sometimes it seems if one more thing is added to the day/week/month we just might spill over and not make it. I would say that’s how David and I have been feeling lately. We intentionally don’t plan a lot of extra stuff to do during the week because we know with work and family there’s plenty to stay busy. However, I would say for the past several months this just hasn’t been possible. I feel like for the past several months the calendar is full when I turn over the new month. I’m not even all that sure what we’ve been so crazy busy doing. Life has just taken on a very busy speed lately. We are ready for things to slow down. It’s affecting us, in all aspects of life. We find we’re short with the children, with each other and probably other people as well. I find I’m dissatisfied with this, that and the other, when normally those things would be just fine. I could list all the things that are making us so crazy, but what’s the point? The point is we need to find helpful and healthy ways to get through the chaos.

We’ll be on vacation next week. Mostly we’ll be staying at home (we’ll all sleep better that way!), but we are planning some day trip stuff and will be away for a few nights. I know we’re very much looking forward to being on vacation. I know we can’t wait to sleep in (well, David and I will take turns doing so because the kids won’t sleep in! 🙂 ) and just take it easy. I know David will have to continue to do some writing of his thesis, but he won’t have work on top of it too. I’m praying for the Lord’s peace to reign, and that His rest will come on us as individuals, a couple and a family. It’s time for this family to unwind and get some rest.


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