Hello Kitty

Cora LOVES the toy Hello Kitty. I find this fun because I remember my sister and I being into her as well! It used to be Minnie Mouse and Strawberry Shortcake and VERY briefly, Angelina Ballerina. But, Hello Kitty has been around for a bit and the love Cora has for her is just as strong! I find Hello Kitty to be quite benign, nothing but a cute, furry, white cat–who wouldn’t love that? Anyway, as is always the case, Halloween has reared it’s ugly head again, and we are left with the never-ending debate as to whether or not to celebrate. Well, that’s not entirely true. A couple years ago we made the decision to not celebrate. And, we still hold to that. We don’t decorate, or do trick-or-treating. However, this year Cora is in preschool and that means we’ve had to do some Halloween stuff. I have appreciated the way her teachers have done Halloween–it’s a fun holiday to dress up and get candy. They’ve talked about what’s real and what’s not real during this season and that’s been good. In any case, yesterday they had a Halloween party and all the kids were supposed to dress up. I felt the old childhood panic start to well up inside of me as I thought about the prospect of coming up with a costume (we aren’t keen on spending money on one!) for Cora. And, with a 4 year old, one never knows what they might want to be.

At first Cora wanted to be a princess. I thought that was easy enough. But then, I thought about how much she loves Hello Kitty, and I was thinking through how easy the costume would actually be. I suggested it to her and she about died with excitement! 🙂 I bought pink, sparkly shoes and a headband, but other than that everything else was borrowed, oh and the face paint. I have to say she was a pretty stinkin’ cute Hello Kitty! I think we pulled it off quite well! And, she got gobs of candy at school so I have no qualms about not taking her trick-or-treating. Call me a party pooper if you want, I don’t care! I will forever hate this holiday, but am glad Cora was able to have fun and see the fun that can be had during Halloween!



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