Smells of Fall

I would be lying if I said summer wasn’t my most favorite season of the whole year. I love it! I like to be hot (hate being cold!), and I like all the activities of summer–being outside, swimming, getting ice cream (OK, in all reality I get ice cream even with feet of snow on the ground!), etc! However, we are currently in the season of fall. I would say I enjoy fall (and also dread it because that means winter is on the way…). I love the beauty of the trees changing colors (and haven’t the colors been stunning this year?!), the smell of leaves burning, the ability to drink hot chocolate without sweating, and a new wardrobe! One of the things I also love about fall is all of the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, etc. Those smells just go with this time of year, dontcha think?

As I’m writing this blog post, our home currently smells heavenly! I try to make applesauce every year in the fall (last year I did not as I was puking my guts out being pregnant with Rebekah!). I have not had great success with apple peelers, and so it takes me forever to peel all those apples! This year I decided I was not going to peel them, and I was going to chop the apples as I often see it being done on cooking shows–basically getting the core out with four cuts around the middle, making the core a square. I then cut the quarters into smaller chunks. It went really well, and my dutch oven filled up in no time (8 lbs of apples!!!). I added about 3/4 cup of sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg! YUM!!!!!! It smells so good. I’m just letting it sit on the stove top and do it’s thing. It’s bubbling along happily and every now and then I stir it, and then I mash it down with my potato masher. Yes, I like my applesauce chunky so I’m not going to be sending it through a sieve or anything like that! I can’t wait to eat it! I also love it best when it’s still warm. What’s your favorite smell(s) of fall? What’s your favorite thing to make this time of year?



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