Well, I had high hopes for this week. I had planned to get all of my Christmas cookie baking and fudge making done. I had planned to get the house clean, go south to the big city my sister lives in so David could have a day to write…and then life happened. Tuesday I woke up with a cough. Wednesday I felt like a truck had run me over. Thursday I felt like that same truck backed up and just parked on me. Yep. The flu. The last time I think I had the flu was 20 years ago around my 15th birthday. I don’t remember feeling this sick since then (other than pregnancy…). Thankfully, my MIL was able to come up TH and help out while David went to work because I literally couldn’t move. I stayed in bed all morning and some of the afternoon. Curled in a tight ball of pain, muscles sore and absolutely freezing! Yep. Gotta “love” the flu. I was able to uncurl at some point in the afternoon when my fever broke and suddenly I was roasting! I got up, ate something, showered and was able to remain vertical the rest of the day. Then Ben got sick…then Cora…then David…and this afternoon Bekah is down too. Sigh. Yep, we all have the flu, in various stages. I’m praying we’re all better come Monday. And the silver lining is that hopefully this means we’ll all be well for Christmas!

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