Land of the Living

I feel like we’ve been gone on some horrible trip to a waste land filled with coughing, aches, pains, ear infections and snot! Oh wait, we have! It’s been a long 2 weeks of flu and other sickness but I think we’re finally getting better. Last week all 3 kids ended up with ear infections! I was at the pediatrician’s office THREE times in 24 hours! I know, I should’ve taken them all at once, but they weren’t all sick, they just dropped like flies one at a time! Cora had a double ear infection and I got to see the inside of her really bad ear. It was cool and gross and sad all at the same time. I felt so bad for her!! In any case, they’re all on antibiotics (which come with their own side effects, so I’ll be glad when we’re done with those!) and feeling so much better! The sparkle is returning to their eyes and my kids are starting to act more like themselves again.

David had a touch of the flu 2 wks ago and we thought he got off “easy.” However, by Wednesday last week he was hit hard like I had been (and we think Ben too) and was down for the count for a good couple of days. It’s taken a long time for us to feel back to ourselves, but thankfully I think we’re getting there!

Needless to say, due to all the sickness I have neglected to keep my blog going. I apologize, but such is life! I’m back now and hope to be posting more regularly!

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