2 1/2 & 6 months

Yesterday Rebekah turned 6 months (how did that happen???), and tomorrow Ben will be 2 1/2 (again, how did that happen???)! People always said “it” would go fast, and before you knew it the kids would be grown and gone. Obviously, non of our kids are grown and gone, but time is still zipping by, and I can’t believe it!

Rebekah: She weighs 18+ lbs, and I can’t remember what her length is…She is close to sitting up, has been practicing (and succeeding) at getting up on all fours AND lifting her head. She now makes raspberry sounds–and LOVES to do it all the time–and smiles, smiles, smiles! She LOVES to watch Cora and Ben. I seriously think she would watch them all day long if we let her (as in didn’t make her take naps!). This month we’ll start feeding her “real” food. I make the baby food and have started with carrots with the other 2, and so will follow suit with Bekah. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit! We’ll see how it goes! However, it’s pretty clear she’s ready for it so why not?

Benjamin: He weighs 28+ lbs. now, and is close to 3 ft tall! This guy is so much fun!! He is our comedian, our ham, our entertainer. He LOVES to make us laugh! I absolutely love this guy. Yes, he’s ALL boy…I am being stretched more than I thought possible with him. I am understanding what it is to have a boy in the house, and he’s only 2! At Ben’s 2 year appointment we had expressed concern that Ben wasn’t talking, at all, well nothing other than gibberish. So, the pediatrician said we would reconvene at the 2 1/2 yr appointment, and if he hadn’t improved then we would start him in therapy. I am so happy to report he is talking! His vocabulary grows weekly, and we’ve noticed in the last month or so such a difference. It wasn’t long ago that he wouldn’t even try to repeat what we said. Now, he does. And, he loves to perform and say his new words. His favorites right now are “me” and “cookie!” David says, “what more does a boy need to know?”


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