A New View of Convenience

We all like to throw something together fast for breakfast/lunch/supper, don’t we? The internet is full of blogs, websites, etc that tote having the fastest and best meals for you and your family. You’re just a click away from putting together something quick and easy. Unfortunately, those quick and easy meals usually involve opening a can or box of some kind and then ingesting a lot of salt, sugar and other ingredients you can’t even pronounce. They usually mean putting a bunch of unhealthy (in my opinion) ingredients together to make that easy meal.

As our family has been on our journey of health and wellness this has meant changing how we eat (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a time or 2!). We do our best to eat as Paleo as possible–eating mostly fruit, veggies and meat. My husband is able to tolerate dairy so he still eats cheese and drinks milk, although his consumption of those things has gone down considerably. After the insanity of the holidays and eating way too much junk and sugar, David and I are motivated to get back to being more strict with our diet. And I don’t mean diet as in the eating-cabbage-only diet, or only eating lettuce and celery. I mean, diet, as in what we put in our mouth on a daily basis. The way we eat to be healthy, not to loose a bunch of weight all of a sudden. We are all on a diet, some are on a Hostess cupcake diet, others are not! Anyway, I digress! We have noticed, once again, that when our children eat too much grain their behavior worsens. David has noticed the same in himself. We’ve noticed that when we ALL eat too much sugar we are all more irritable, crabby, tired, etc. And so, with that in mind we are hoping to make some more changes in our eating, or get back to what we were doing initially over 2 years ago!

I will be setting up a weekly menu of what we’ll eat breakfast, lunch and supper. My husband has been suggesting I do this for YEARS, and I have ignored him. However, he’s right. (And yes, he knows I said he’s right, and he’s danced his jig of glee over it!) We’ve always found it helpful when I have our suppers listed out for the week, so why not for breakfast and lunch too? Not only will this ensure we have healthy choices purchased while grocery shopping I won’t be left scrambling and wondering if they kids should have an almond butter/jelly sandwich or hotdog for lunch. Also, it will, in theory, keep us from eating out so much! We eat out way too much, and we’re hoping having all 3 meals planned & the food bought for them will help keep us at home more.

As I’m running through my head just what all this entails, and the different meals I’ll put down, I realized this just isn’t very convenient. It is WAY more convenient to put some cereal in a bowl and hand it to the kids then to make a quiche, or oatmeal, or fry up some bacon. I’m not saying cereal is evil, it’s just a difference we want to make in OUR family (and I say difference, because the kids eat a lot of cereal and toast in our home right now). I’m also realizing that by eating in a way we find healthier will make us healthier. It will keep us from getting sick so much and if we do get sick, theoretically we should heal faster. And so, I’m left to look at convenience in a different way. Yes, food out of boxes, cans and the freezer are fast, easy and convenient, but they do not promote health. And being sick is WAY less convenient. It’ll take time, practice, diligence, and we’ll need to form new habits, but I do believe we’ll find this way of eating in a not-so-convenient way to actually be far more convenient.

As we continue on this new leg of our journey to wellness I will do my best to post how we’re doing, & share recipes we all like. I was thinking of even sharing a menu for a week that we’ll be eating. I don’t know about you, but I appreciate when someone else has information to share and if it helps me, then I hope it will help you!


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