7 Months

Over the weekend–Saturday to be exact–Rebekah turned 7 months old! Wow!!! We are now on the countdown to her turning 1 year old! I can’t believe it…of course! Let’s see, what it is our little “Boo” up to these days? Well, she has started eating “solids” (I use that term loosely because how solid are pureed foods anyway?). She’s also army crawling and working really hard at “regular” crawling. We have found getting her legs to stay up under her is a challenge on the hardwood floors! But, she’s getting it and is so darn cute too! She definitely knows how to get to what she wants! She continues to be our most smily baby and LOVES to watch her sister and brother. She has also cut tooth #3, and I think more are soon to come if her gums are any indication! She is so much fun, just about sleeping through the night (she WAS doing it before the holidays hit us…) and well, we love her so much! Oh, what kinds of foods has she tried thus far? I’m glad you asked!





Applesauce...green beans were introduced this week!

Applesauce…green beans were introduced this week!


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