Kid 1 and Kid 2

I feel like Rebekah has been getting a lot of blog posts lately. I know, weird, huh? They say the further down the sibling line you are the less photos (and blog posts) you have. I was determined not to do this to my kids…but it would seem the older 2 have been getting less posts and photos. Ah well! I can only do so much! So, without further ado I thought I would do today’s post about Kid 1–Cora, and Kid 2–Ben.

They keep me laughing and on my toes!

IMG_0009 IMG_0012

I am constantly amazed at how smart they are. Cora is so darn close to reading. When we go out to eat and she works on the kid menu things I marvel at how good she has become with them (Ben still just scribbles on or rips them!). She is even finding words in the word search puzzles now! She can recognize all of her letters and a lot of her numbers. The thoughts she comes up with, and the conversations we can have have been great. She is growing like a weed and it seems recently we have not been able to keep her full! Seriously, it seems that 5 minutes after every meal, after she’s eaten a TON of food, she’ll say, “I’m hungry!” Sigh…not sure how to keep that hollow leg filled up! We have cut dairy out of her diet completely and are working toward a gluten/grain-free diet. The no-dairy has helped her tremendously, but I’m starting to wonder if the absence of grain is also doing wonders for her. She LOVES playing with her Hello Kitty LEGOS and Strawberry Shortcake RC car. She’s always wanting to make cards and write letters to send to friends. She LOVES helping me in the kitchen, especially if I’m making hot cocoa! And, she LOVES playing “superheroes!” It absolutely cracks me up! I do not remember playing superheroes as a child, but she and Ben LOVE it! She is always requesting to watch “Superman and His Amazing Friends.” So funny! I’m thankful she and Ben have something they both enjoy playing together. She continues to have such a tender heart, she is a wonderful big sister and does anything she can to make her little sister (and often Ben, too) smile and laugh! She’s also proving to be quite helpful when it comes to feeding Bekah her food. I’ve told Cora she is a mommy-in-training and that just makes her grin from ear to ear. I love my Cora. I have a hard time accepting the fact that she’ll be five in 2 months and is so close to starting Kindergarten. She is shy, my quiet one when in a crowd. However, she is starting to come out of her shell little by little.



Benjamin…oh, he’s a hoot, that kid! He is ornery, always pushing the limits of my patience, and the limits of his physical abilities, he’s gentle, caring, full of funniness, a barrel of energy and just a joy to be around. He plays hard and he sleeps hard! He is a total ham and has taken to making funny faces in photos. He totally knows how to use his “charm” to TRY and get what he wants. A great story where the charm/humor worked…David was trying to get him dressed for bed. Ben would NOT be still long enough for David to change his diaper and get his jammies on. In exasperation David takes Ben by the shoulder and says, “BE STILL!!!!!!” Ben looks him straight in the eye and begins tapping his little foot. Sigh. Yes, all hope of seriousness was lost and David started laughing. Don’t worry, we don’t let Ben get out of everything. He is often found standing in the corner (he also puts himself there…), or getting spankings. However, we are learning not to take life so seriously with this boy. I love him to pieces. He LOVES both of his sisters to death. He is Cora’s constant shadow and anything she does he wants to be a part of. He is also very good at caring for Rebekah in ways he can (hugs, kisses, helping her get a toy, etc). And, this boy LOVES him some Spiderman! It totally cracks me up! How do boys know about these things? It must somehow be in their DNA. He is one smart cookie too! It amazes me what he knows, how quickly he catches on to things, etc. Ben is still not talking with words a whole lot. Yes, his vocabulary is growing regularly and he’s more prone to TRY and actually say things. We are now debating if speech therapy wouldn’t be helpful. Still trying to decide if we should keep waiting, or if it’s time. We’ll see!


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