Bringing it Back into Focus

I’m still here–have no fear. To be honest I just haven’t known what to write. I haven’t felt overly motivated to write and haven’t felt all that inspired. I have been thinking again what is the purpose of this blog? Sometimes I wonder if I should make this a money-making blog? But then I think about all the work it would take and realize now is not the time. And, after having all sorts of other thoughts I come back to the realization that the purpose of this blog is to have some kind of record of our family, and the things God sends our way, brings us through and blesses us. I’ve never been good at writing in paper journals and this medium (blog) seems to work better for me. Plus, this way I can add photos and such! Should our computer ever fry, or something, at least we’ll have some photos! And so, I am going to get back to blogging. Not for my readers, but for our family. Don’t get me wrong. I love to share about the things we’re learning in our journey of health, our more holistic approach to life and sharing recipes, etc. and I love to hear your comments and encouragement! But, I also love writing down the antics of our children, and the things our family goes through–and it’s an easy way for the grandparents to keep up to date on their grandbabies!

So, yes, I’ve felt a bit burnt out. I’ve allowed myself to cave to the pressures of the world and have allowed myself to feel inadequate. And, I have smacked myself back into reality and am OK with this being a humble, interesting-if-only-to-me blog! Who knows, maybe when I start getting uninterrupted nights of sleep (that does happen, right???) and am not chasing toddlers around all day I might find I have more energy and desire to do more with my blog. But for now? I’m satisfied and content with what it is now. I will say, though, I’m trying to come up with a different name for this blog…any ideas???? I’m open to them! I’ve never been good at coming up with catchy names for things!


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