“V” Day: A Whole New Meaning

We don’t ever go crazy celebrating Valentine’s Day in our house. Maybe when the kids get a little older we might do a bit more, but for now we usually have a nice family dinner, I make sugar cookies for David (something I started doing our first Valentine’s Day together), and we celebrate more as a family than a couple. This year, however…well…the “v” for V. Day stood more for “vomiting” in our house. We were all hit quickly and swiftly with varying forms of a stomach virus. It was dreadful. Thankfully, it was over just as quickly as it came, and we were fine by Sunday.

We had planned to have a nice dinner with 2 other couples while their kids were watched by babysitters and our kids at my parent’s house. But, that wasn’t going to happen! The house needed sterilized and well, we still weren’t up for eating much of anything other than bananas and applesauce. We have since rescheduled for this weekend…

I’m really glad we celebrated early with my nieces and nephews so the kids had at least some kind of Valentine’s Day. Cora also had her preschool V. Day celebration, and David bought Cora and Ben each a small box of chocolates and me a solid chocolate heart the other day. So, we were not without celebrating, just not on the actual day! 

Hoping next year comes off a bit better! 


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