Sibling Love

Here’s some of the cuteness abounding in our home these days! It makes my heart burst with pride to see my 3 children love each other. Now, don’t misunderstand. They are not perfect, and they DO argue just as much as other siblings. However, they love each other and are not afraid to show it. I love watching the 2 older ones helping Bekah get toys, pull things out of her way that she shouldn’t have and do things to make her smile. I love to see Ben dole out hugs and kisses for his sisters, color and play with play-doh with Cora. One of Cora and Ben’s current fun activities is waltzing together. Yes, waltzing. We asked where they learned to dance like that, and Cora says, “George!” As in Curious George, the monkey. Made us chuckle, however it is SO dang cute to see them dancing together! I love to see Cora helping her brother put his shoes on, clean up after him without being asked, in fact she often offers. I love how she is a little mama to them and enjoys being so to them. God has blessed us richly with these children. Yes, I have days of immense frustration and times when I wonder, “what was God thinking???” but those are passing moments. And, often in those moments God will have my kids do something precious, and I’m reminded that I love them, appreciate them and am so thankful for them. We know our kids don’t always get along. However, to us, what is important is that at the end of the day they love each other and know they are loved by each other.

IMG_5095 IMG_5126 IMG_5140


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