A New ‘Do

One day about a month ago Cora decided she wanted her hair cut. I asked if she just wanted a trim, no, she wanted it CUT! Short, I asked? Yes, she said! So, we talked to Daddy about it, and we decided it was fine, as long as it wasn’t too short! She and I went to the trusty ol’ Internet, and I pulled up images of girl haircuts. From there she and I chose her favorite 3. We printed them out and took them to Daddy, and the 3 of us chose a style. Amazingly, we all agreed on the same one! I planned to take her that Friday (which was a few days later), but we were all hit with a horrendous, short-lived, but mighty terrible stomach virus, which totally derailed ALL plans of anything! Last week I FINALLY made another appointment and took her to get her hair cut! I also got mine high-lighted, but that’s not nearly as exciting. All I can say is, I have a beautiful daughter! This hair cut makes her look so much older, she’s no longer a little girl. How is it she’ll be FIVE at the end of this month? She LOVES her new ‘do! The first few days she would sit and twirl the hair with her fingers. When I asked her about it she said, “Well, it’s just so twirly!” We think she’s precious, and she’s received MANY compliments. I’m so proud of her for picking out such a great style for herself and being so mature through the whole process. Sigh…she IS growing up, isn’t she? Here are the photos!





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