Almost There…

Last week David turned in his thesis, again, and hopefully for the last time, to his advisor. We spent many hours making corrections, adding and subtracting things according to his advisor’s direction fighting with Word, crying, and screaming at the computer. It was long, tedious, frustrating, but it’s done. SIGH!!!! We’ve been sitting at night reminding ourselves it’s OK to relax because it’s DONE!!! What’s next? Well, now we wait…the advisor will read it, then he’ll pass it to a 2nd reader. If they both sign off on it (meaning there are no more corrections to be made) then it’ll be sent to the oral defense people. If all goes according to plan (and we REALLY pray it does!!!!) then David will give his oral defense of his thesis sometime in April. If THAT goes well, (and we REALLY pray that it does!) then he will graduate in JUNE!!!!! And, the past 3 years of hard work will be over, and we can breathe a little better. We’re not through the tunnel yet, but we see the light, and see the end, and we’re just praying we make it through! It’s hard not to start fretting about it all and wondering if the past 3 years will be for not, but we are reminded we firmly believe this was God’s timing, David has done his best, and we just have to trust the Lord will see us through to the end. But, man oh man, we pray it all falls into place!

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