Update: Rebekah weighs 22 lbs and is 29 inches long! She was deemed healthy and beautiful and “squishy!” 

Bekah is 9 months old today! I’ll be taking her to her well-check tomorrow so will have her new stats later, which I’ll just add to this blog later! She is, of course, growing like crazy, as babies are want to do! This past month she has continued on adding to her diet. She loves avocados, and we gave her some mashed potatoes, which she inhaled on her own (I put glops on the table in front of her, and she gobbled them right up!). I’ve  started giving her whole peas, which she is also having a lot of fun eating on her own! It’s so interesting to me, the differences in each of the kids. She is zipping right through her milestones. Cora was more  “by the book,” Ben does things on his own time, and it would appear that right now, Bekah is our over-achiever! It’ll be fun to watch as they continue to grow to see how these early things play a part in their personalities later in life! Oh, and Bekah is waving now when you wave at her, and she is a pro at pulling herself up in a standing position! I said last month I expect her to start walking this month…we shall see!

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