10 months and bad to the bone!

Bekah is somehow 10 months old today! I always feel like 10 months is a pinnacle month. The baby is quickly becoming NOT a baby and entering into the “toddler” stage of things. Our pre-toddler is quickly getting to full-toddlerhood, and I just don’t know what to do! She’s so precious, but you already knew that! 🙂 She isn’t walking yet, but is getting closer! We were given a baby walker that she pushes all over the house and looks adorable doing so! She has a LOVE of the dog’s water dish (and likes to sneak off to play in said water whenever possible, especially on Daddy’s watch!). She LOVES being with Cora and Ben, and we’re loving watching her interact with them. She is almost over her bottles, which isn’t saying a whole lot because she has NEVER been into her bottle, oddly enough.

The photo below is of Bekah at her cousin, Haddie’s, 4th birthday party. I helped my sister with the party and all the girls got tattoos! 🙂 We even gave Bekah one and thought this one would be especially cute on her! 🙂 Ah…she’s growing up so fast!



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