A couple weeks ago we decided to try out a new playground in our neighborhood. It was supposed to be a “tot” playground, and so we thought it would be better suited to our kids. We walked to it (about a mile walk), pulling Ben and Bekah in our wagon and Cora walking. The playground was crowded with kids, and I didn’t really think it seemed any better for little ones then the one we usually go to. In any case, we let Cora and Ben go play. David was tired from pulling the wagon uphill for a mile so sat on a bench. Bekah was in the wagon looking cute. See?


I took some photos of Bekah, and David says, “You need to go help Ben.” He didn’t seem to say it with much urgency so I wasn’t in any big rush. I glanced up, didn’t see Ben at all and said, “Why? Where is he?” “He’s on the ladder! He’s about to fall!” Then I was totally focused and searching frantically amongst all the kids to find Ben. I finally did, and when my eyes finally found him I saw him falling backwards from the top of the playground to the ground. I dropped the camera into the wagon and ran across the playground. I reached him already on the ground, and he was crying very loudly! I was actually very thankful for that. I did hesitate for a second though, because he had fallen about 7 feet, and I didn’t want to move him incase something was broken. However, he rolled over onto his side so I knew at least his back and major bones were not broken. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I scooped him up, he stopped crying and breathing (he got the wind knocked out of him I think) and turned purple. That scared me. I blew in his face, jostled him a bit and he finally came back around after about 5 seconds, but was pretty limp in my arms. Now, mind you all of this happened in about a minutes’ time. We obviously left right away, and walked all the way back home, David carrying a crying/whimpering Ben all the way. We were finally able to get Ben to calm down enough to see that he was breathing comfortably (no broken ribs!!!!!), and he went right to sleep that night. We had  him lay on ice when we got home and gave him ibuprofen. The poor thing slept all night and was a bit stiff when he woke up but thankfully, he was totally fine! We are so thankful that the Lord spared his life that day and on top of that the Lord allowed Ben to have fullness of health and mobility. Of course, now after it’s all done, we have to wonder what the big deal was. However, it could have been very serious. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s providence in this situation and for his preservation of our little guy.

That night I hugged my Benjamin a little tighter and also Cora and Bekah. I’m so thankful for my children, and I hate that at times things like this happen that bring me a renewed realization of just how blessed I am to have them.


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