A New ‘Do

One day about a month ago Cora decided she wanted her hair cut. I asked if she just wanted a trim, no, she wanted it CUT! Short, I asked? Yes, she said! So, we talked to Daddy about it, and we decided it was fine, as long as it wasn’t too short! She and I went to the trusty ol’ Internet, and I pulled up images of girl haircuts. From there she and I chose her favorite 3. We printed them out and took them to Daddy, and the 3 of us chose a style. Amazingly, we all agreed on the same one! I planned to take her that Friday (which was a few days later), but we were all hit with a horrendous, short-lived, but mighty terrible stomach virus, which totally derailed ALL plans of anything! Last week I FINALLY made another appointment and took her to get her hair cut! I also got mine high-lighted, but that’s not nearly as exciting. All I can say is, I have a beautiful daughter! This hair cut makes her look so much older, she’s no longer a little girl. How is it she’ll be FIVE at the end of this month? She LOVES her new ‘do! The first few days she would sit and twirl the hair with her fingers. When I asked her about it she said, “Well, it’s just so twirly!” We think she’s precious, and she’s received MANY compliments. I’m so proud of her for picking out such a great style for herself and being so mature through the whole process. Sigh…she IS growing up, isn’t she? Here are the photos!






Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my Grandma’s birthday! It’s been nice having her live so close so we can celebrate these events with her, even if we just have a wee, little celebration. I asked her what she would like for her birthday meal and dessert, and she requested tomato soup, biscuits and lemon cake! I also cut up a pineapple, which I know is one of her favorite things to eat. We had a good time! We opted to do supper because Sunday mornings are so crazy, and once church is over the kids are just done and ready for naps! I wanted to be sure to celebrate her and not have it be a crazy time full of cranky kids (and adults!). We had a really great time, the kids LOVED helping pick out cards, a small gift and getting things ready for our little party. They had so much fun singing “Happy Birthday” to Grandma, and well, it was just a good celebration. One never knows how long we have on this earth, and so we want to be sure to celebrate when we can!

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Snow Day!!!!!

Well, this winter has been a doozy, huh? I mean, really, it seems no matter where you live in the U.S. you are getting abnormally cold weather and way more snow than you’re accustomed too! The same is true for us. Even though we live in a the snow belt of our state we have had so much more snow than usual, and the temperatures are just so darn cold!!! The school kids have had more snow days then I think ever before, and Cora has not been happy with all the preschool she’s missing. I’m only able to appease her by saying the big kids also don’t have school. Now when I tell her she won’t have school she says, very forlornly, “even the big kids don’t?” She has also been wanting to go out and play in the snow, but with it being so cold it’s just not been safe. And, the snow we’ve had has been that powdery, non-packing snow and not overly fun to play in. However! The other day everything came together, and it was the perfect day to play in the snow! The night before, and morning of, we got dumped on–my husband figures about a foot. And the day itself was in the mid-30s, so the snow was perfect for packing (making a snowman!), and since it wasn’t bitter cold, and the sun was shining it was just the best time to bundle them up and send them out! David took them outside, and they all 3 had a blast! I took pictures from the porch as I had to keep an eye on Bekah…As they played outside I made hot cocoa inside to be ready to warm them up. I’m so thankful the Lord provided such a gorgeous day, and we were able to have them go outside! It did us all good!!

Ben wasn't too sure he wanted to go in the snow. But, David carried him down and in like 2 seconds he was having fun!

Ben wasn’t too sure he wanted to go in the snow. But, David carried him down and in like 2 seconds he was having fun!

Snowball fight!!!!

Snowball fight!!!!

I sure do love these 3!!

I sure do love these 3!!

Is it good Ben?

Is it good Ben?


Cora making a snow angel

Cora making a snow angel

Building the greatly anticipated snow man!

Building the greatly anticipated snow man!


Oooo! Who's that handsome man in my yard???

Oooo! Who’s that handsome man in my yard???

I LOVE the pride shining on Cora's face over her snow man, which she named Frosty, naturally!

I LOVE the pride shining on Cora’s face over her snowman, which she named Frosty, naturally!

I threw a hat on Bekah's head and took her outside with me so I could get a good photo of snowman and his creators. It really was so warm (or felt that way!). No worries, she wasn't even out 5 minutes!

I threw a hat on Bekah’s head and took her outside with me so I could get a good photo of the snowman and his creators. It really was so warm (or felt that way!). No worries, she wasn’t even out 5 minutes!

She's so beautful...

She’s so beautful…

This is how Molly and Bekah spent the time...looking sadly out the door wishing to be out with everyone!

This is how Molly and Bekah spent the time…looking sadly out the door wishing to be out with everyone!

Warming up with hot cocoa!

Warming up with hot cocoa!

Sibling Love

Here’s some of the cuteness abounding in our home these days! It makes my heart burst with pride to see my 3 children love each other. Now, don’t misunderstand. They are not perfect, and they DO argue just as much as other siblings. However, they love each other and are not afraid to show it. I love watching the 2 older ones helping Bekah get toys, pull things out of her way that she shouldn’t have and do things to make her smile. I love to see Ben dole out hugs and kisses for his sisters, color and play with play-doh with Cora. One of Cora and Ben’s current fun activities is waltzing together. Yes, waltzing. We asked where they learned to dance like that, and Cora says, “George!” As in Curious George, the monkey. Made us chuckle, however it is SO dang cute to see them dancing together! I love to see Cora helping her brother put his shoes on, clean up after him without being asked, in fact she often offers. I love how she is a little mama to them and enjoys being so to them. God has blessed us richly with these children. Yes, I have days of immense frustration and times when I wonder, “what was God thinking???” but those are passing moments. And, often in those moments God will have my kids do something precious, and I’m reminded that I love them, appreciate them and am so thankful for them. We know our kids don’t always get along. However, to us, what is important is that at the end of the day they love each other and know they are loved by each other.

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“V” Day: A Whole New Meaning

We don’t ever go crazy celebrating Valentine’s Day in our house. Maybe when the kids get a little older we might do a bit more, but for now we usually have a nice family dinner, I make sugar cookies for David (something I started doing our first Valentine’s Day together), and we celebrate more as a family than a couple. This year, however…well…the “v” for V. Day stood more for “vomiting” in our house. We were all hit quickly and swiftly with varying forms of a stomach virus. It was dreadful. Thankfully, it was over just as quickly as it came, and we were fine by Sunday.

We had planned to have a nice dinner with 2 other couples while their kids were watched by babysitters and our kids at my parent’s house. But, that wasn’t going to happen! The house needed sterilized and well, we still weren’t up for eating much of anything other than bananas and applesauce. We have since rescheduled for this weekend…

I’m really glad we celebrated early with my nieces and nephews so the kids had at least some kind of Valentine’s Day. Cora also had her preschool V. Day celebration, and David bought Cora and Ben each a small box of chocolates and me a solid chocolate heart the other day. So, we were not without celebrating, just not on the actual day! 

Hoping next year comes off a bit better! 

Happy Anniversary Dear!

Today David and I celebrate 8 years of marriage! Wow! I honestly don’t know where those 8 years have gone, and as I say every year I can’t imagine life without this man! We celebrated yesterday doing all sorts of fun things!  My mom came up to watch the kids and then my dad joined her after he was done work. They told us to go have fun, relax and just take our time! It was great!!!

Us then, January 28, 2006--our wedding day was in the 50s and so nice outside!! Today? Well, we'll be happy to break ONE degree today and we're buried under snow!

Us then, January 28, 2006–our wedding day was in the 50s and so nice outside!! Today? Well, we’ll be happy to break ONE degree today and we’re buried under snow!

Us now! I think we're still cute!

Us now! I think we’re still cute!

A Little More Tweaking

I mentioned last week that we would be attempting to have a menu made up for our meals all week–breakfast, lunch and supper. I made up a whole menu, pulled all the recipes (mostly from the cookbook Against All Grain) and did the grocery shopping. We did pretty well! Honestly, we did better than I thought we would–I know, what confidence! We have gotten in the habit of going out WAY too much. I mean, really, it’s such a bad habit, and it’s one we’re trying to break. We did MUCH better with eating out. I think most of our meals were a hit, at least with David and I, and I was encouraged to keep it up for this week too!

I noticed a few things last week with having this menu. A) I had to really be on the ball with thinking ahead to make sure meat was thawed, and dishes were done in plenty of time. B) I found I was in the kitchen even more than I usually am. C) I found it very overwhelming trying so many new recipes! This week, I’ve added a couple new recipes but am doing things I’ve done many times before. I think David might be a little relieved too, because I’m guessing (though he would never say, or complain) he was getting tired of something new and different every single meal!

I think once we do this for a good month I’ll get into a better rhythm, and it won’t feel like I’m in the kitchen all the time. I would highly encourage you making up a weekly menu. If doing a whole week of 3 meals is too overwhelming, just start with the meal you have the most trouble getting on the table. I would say for most of us that is supper. I always find it easier when I have a plan. When you get in a good routine with that 1 meal a day add another one, and so on. I do believe it helped our grocery bill, and it certainly helped our eating out “budget.” It’s always cheaper to eat at home, and with small kids, way less stressful! My goal is to do 2 wks of menu, then 3 and eventually 4 weeks/a whole month.

What’s something new you’re doing to help your household run more smoothly?