10 months and bad to the bone!

Bekah is somehow 10 months old today! I always feel like 10 months is a pinnacle month. The baby is quickly becoming NOT a baby and entering into the “toddler” stage of things. Our pre-toddler is quickly getting to full-toddlerhood, and I just don’t know what to do! She’s so precious, but you already knew that! 🙂 She isn’t walking yet, but is getting closer! We were given a baby walker that she pushes all over the house and looks adorable doing so! She has a LOVE of the dog’s water dish (and likes to sneak off to play in said water whenever possible, especially on Daddy’s watch!). She LOVES being with Cora and Ben, and we’re loving watching her interact with them. She is almost over her bottles, which isn’t saying a whole lot because she has NEVER been into her bottle, oddly enough.

The photo below is of Bekah at her cousin, Haddie’s, 4th birthday party. I helped my sister with the party and all the girls got tattoos! 🙂 We even gave Bekah one and thought this one would be especially cute on her! 🙂 Ah…she’s growing up so fast!



Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday DEAR Cora! Happy Birthday to you!

I can NOT believe I am not the mom of a FIVE YEAR OLD!!!!!!! HOW has this happened????? Where have the last 5 years gone? How is this even possible??? But, here we are, March 27, 2014, five years after Cora was born! What a wonderful 5 years it has been with her. She is such fun, such a delight, such a sweetheart. We feel so blessed to have her as our daughter. To have her part of OUR family! She is sensitive to the needs of others. She’s a good friend and sister. And, she is just so much fun!

I have really enjoyed this past year. Cora has reached a point of such maturity. She’s more self-sufficient and more capable to help in ways that are actually helpful! It’s fun watching her personality develop, her likes and dislikes take shape (and sometimes change on a daily basis!). She is really into picking out her own outfits, doing everything on her own and wants to help out with everything!

We have also noticed a real softening of her heart toward the things of the Lord. We can see the wheels turning, and her questions about Jesus and how we’re to live are becoming serious and more introspective. We pray she makes the choice to follow the Lord at an early age.

We will have a day full of stuff Cora loves today–I’ll write about it later. Saturday we’ll celebrate her with a party with her friends, cousins, aunt/uncle and grandparents! I’m excited about that! Be prepared for a blog post full of Hello Kitty birthday fun!

To you, my dear daughter. I love you more today than I ever thought possible. I’m so proud of you! You are beautiful, both on the outside and the inside. I can’t wait to see what all the Lord has in store for you. I love you so very much!!!! HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY CORA ANN!

This was yesterday at preschool. She has her helper badge on AND the birthday badge! She was SO PROUD of them!!!

This was yesterday at preschool. She has her helper badge on AND the birthday badge! She was SO PROUD of them!!!


Update: Rebekah weighs 22 lbs and is 29 inches long! She was deemed healthy and beautiful and “squishy!” 

Bekah is 9 months old today! I’ll be taking her to her well-check tomorrow so will have her new stats later, which I’ll just add to this blog later! She is, of course, growing like crazy, as babies are want to do! This past month she has continued on adding to her diet. She loves avocados, and we gave her some mashed potatoes, which she inhaled on her own (I put glops on the table in front of her, and she gobbled them right up!). I’ve  started giving her whole peas, which she is also having a lot of fun eating on her own! It’s so interesting to me, the differences in each of the kids. She is zipping right through her milestones. Cora was more  “by the book,” Ben does things on his own time, and it would appear that right now, Bekah is our over-achiever! It’ll be fun to watch as they continue to grow to see how these early things play a part in their personalities later in life! Oh, and Bekah is waving now when you wave at her, and she is a pro at pulling herself up in a standing position! I said last month I expect her to start walking this month…we shall see!

Almost There…

Last week David turned in his thesis, again, and hopefully for the last time, to his advisor. We spent many hours making corrections, adding and subtracting things according to his advisor’s direction fighting with Word, crying, and screaming at the computer. It was long, tedious, frustrating, but it’s done. SIGH!!!! We’ve been sitting at night reminding ourselves it’s OK to relax because it’s DONE!!! What’s next? Well, now we wait…the advisor will read it, then he’ll pass it to a 2nd reader. If they both sign off on it (meaning there are no more corrections to be made) then it’ll be sent to the oral defense people. If all goes according to plan (and we REALLY pray it does!!!!) then David will give his oral defense of his thesis sometime in April. If THAT goes well, (and we REALLY pray that it does!) then he will graduate in JUNE!!!!! And, the past 3 years of hard work will be over, and we can breathe a little better. We’re not through the tunnel yet, but we see the light, and see the end, and we’re just praying we make it through! It’s hard not to start fretting about it all and wondering if the past 3 years will be for not, but we are reminded we firmly believe this was God’s timing, David has done his best, and we just have to trust the Lord will see us through to the end. But, man oh man, we pray it all falls into place!


Rebekah has been sitting up like a champ for quite a while now. As soon as the other 2 were sitting up I stopped bathing them in the kitchen sink and used the regular bathtub. For some reason, I’ve waited longer with Rebekah. However, last week it was obvious she has outgrown the kitchen sink, and I figured it was time to graduate her to the regular tub! I have no idea why I’ve waited so long…Anyway, last week she got a wee bath with Cora and Ben at my MIL’s house, but yesterday I gave her her first bath, by herself, in the great, big bathtub! She LOVED it!!!! I seem to remember both Cora and Ben crying when they moved to the big tub, but not our Bekah! She took right too it, tried to crawl around, wanted to pull the plug, etc. She had a great time! Cora helped me bathe her, and in the sweetness that is Cora, she says, “Mommy, I need to help you do this so I can learn how to be a good mommy.” I about cried. I said, “That’s right! And one day you’ll be a great mommy!” A few minutes later Ben woke up and came to find us. Cora says, in her little mommy voice, “Ben, you need to be in here and help! We need to learn how to be good mommies and daddies! Roll up your sleeves and help me with Bekah.” Oh, I just melted, right there.  I love my children. God has blessed us richly with them, and he reminds me everyday, which I’m glad!

We think she really looks like Ben in this photo!

We think she really looks like Ben in this photo!

Ooo! Cool toys I've not played with before!

Ooo! Cool toys I’ve not played with before!

Our little momma in training

Our little momma in training

Such beautiful eyes, just like her big sis!

Such beautiful eyes, just like her big sis!

8 Months!

Look who’s 8 months old! Yep, Bekah Boo is!!! This past month she’s been busy cutting teeth (3 on the bottom and 2 on top), adding to her diet of pureed foods and sitting up all on her own! She has also been quite insistent that she stand for as long as we’ll let her. The other day she used her brother, who was laying on the floor, to pull herself into a standing position at the couch. Yep, she is our earliest-at-everything. I will not be surprised if she’s walking at the end of this month, or next month. This child is so much fun, and obviously we love her so much! I love watching her with her siblings. They all love each other so very much. Makes my heart burst with love and pride toward them.

IMG_5094 IMG_5127 IMG_5134

7 Months

Over the weekend–Saturday to be exact–Rebekah turned 7 months old! Wow!!! We are now on the countdown to her turning 1 year old! I can’t believe it…of course! Let’s see, what it is our little “Boo” up to these days? Well, she has started eating “solids” (I use that term loosely because how solid are pureed foods anyway?). She’s also army crawling and working really hard at “regular” crawling. We have found getting her legs to stay up under her is a challenge on the hardwood floors! But, she’s getting it and is so darn cute too! She definitely knows how to get to what she wants! She continues to be our most smily baby and LOVES to watch her sister and brother. She has also cut tooth #3, and I think more are soon to come if her gums are any indication! She is so much fun, just about sleeping through the night (she WAS doing it before the holidays hit us…) and well, we love her so much! Oh, what kinds of foods has she tried thus far? I’m glad you asked!





Applesauce...green beans were introduced this week!

Applesauce…green beans were introduced this week!