To the Zoo! In the Winter?

Yep! We went to the zoo while visiting Sherry and family. We were able to see all the “inside” animals–fish, reptiles, monkeys, lions, birds and various other such creatures. It obviously wasn’t a long trip, but it got us all out of the house, gave the kids an opportunity to run around (it appeared we were the only ones there) and allowed for the older kids to be excellent tour guides to Cora, Ben and I! Here are some of my favorite photos of both kids and animals!

Isabel, our very good and thorough tour guide!

Simeon checking out one of the displays

We were only separated by the glass and the lions were right up at it. So. Cool!

Ben taking it all in from the stroller

I love these parrots. So vibrant!

All the kids, somehow in descending age order! Ben is in the stroller, but I couldn't get him in the photo...they were all moving too fast!


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