When Ben was born and through about age 18 months he was the spittin’ image of his daddy at that age. But, as he’s grown and changed he has started looking a lot more like me and my side of the family, particularly the genes from my mom’s side. We’ve been saying for months (a year?) now that Ben looks like my grandpa, Riley Russell. Ben even has some of his mannerisms, which is so crazy because the two have never met this side of Eternity! Also, Ben is quite ornery, as was my grandpa and well, it’ll be interesting to see how the similarities continue. My mom ran across a photo of my grandpa at about age 6 or 7. The resemblance is uncanny. So, the first photo is of my grandpa and then the 2nd of Ben. I’ll have to do another comparison when Ben is 6/7.

10259010_10152404719341810_6148979335326305605_o IMG_5728


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