Update on Cars

Well, I could go into a long story about the cars, but I’ll spare you the details and just say this: Due to the woman not having car insurance we will only be getting the van repaired (it’s at the shop now), and thankfully, that will be covered by our insurance company. The Honda is old, on it’s last leg, has almost 180,000 miles on it, the 2nd car so we only have very basic insurance on it (hence our insurance co won’t replace it. If the woman had had insurance we’d have been able to get the van fixed, replace the Honda and get a rental car.). Also, in MI you have to pay extra to get a rental car while your car is being fixed. Well, we didn’t pay for that because we had 2 cars and well, who would’ve thought BOTH cars would be out of commission at the same time due to the same accident? We have gone back and forth as to what to do now for a second car. Do we need one at this point? Can we afford it? Are we able to trade in the Honda for the “cars for clunkers” deal? We haven’t completely decided, though we’re leaning towards just making due with the van until David gets a job. A little on the annoying side, but oh well!

So, there you have it. An update, though not exciting! 🙂

“The LORD is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for him.” Lamentations 3:25 NLT


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