The Cogs are a Turnin’

Well, at long last the “wheels” have been greased and it would appear things are moving in the world of church stuff. The church we have been most interested in has FINALLY finished everything they need to do to receive pastors’ profiles and received their batch of profiles last night. A BIG sigh of relief, let me tell you! Now, they have not yet called David, but we do know David is in the stack of profiles, and we also know they are interested in him (he preached there 2x in January). Plus, the head of the search committee asked our contact at this church for a copy of David’s resume (which the man had). So, this is very encouraging to us!!!!! Does this mean the job is ours? No, but it does mean that things are and will be happening!!! Please pray for us as we go through the process with this church. Here are some things to keep in mind…

1. Pray David will stay forefront in their minds.
2. Pray they will be drawn to David (and me eventually) throughout this whole process.
3. We have prayed for months (since Oct 2008, actually) that this would be where God would place us. Pray with us that this is His will.
4. Pray for us that we will have continued patience, that we won’t put the “cart before the horse” and that we will just wait on him–all very hard things to do!!!
5. Pray that the Spirit would move on both sides (the church and us) and make it very obvious to both parties what His will is for the church and for us.

I could go on, but it basically boils down to praying for the Lord’s will would to be done and that we and the church will hear his voice clearly.

Thank you for praying! We greatly appreciate it. We both feel as though change (GOOD change) is coming soon and that our time of waiting is coming to a close. We hope and pray this to be true.


5 thoughts on “The Cogs are a Turnin’

  1. I'm praying very hard for you both. I may not be the ideal Christian but I do live with faith and love for the Lord in my heart and he is with you. I hope you get the answer you need.Janice

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